Eye Health

An eye exam is one of the best ways to protect your vision because it can detect eye problems at their earliest stage — when they are most treatable. Regular eye exams give your optometrist the opportunity to help you correct or adapt to vision changes.

Have your eyes examined immediately if you are noticing: reduced vision, flashes or floating material in your vision, eye redness or pain, eye strain or headaches, or discharge from the eye.

Nearly 50 per cent of patients found to have an eye disease had no symptoms at the time of diagnosis. Even if your vision is great, an adult needs to have their eye health checked at least once every two years. More frequent visits are required if you use contact lenses or suffer from certain medical conditions.

Eighty per cent of learning is visual, so prepare your child by having their eyes checked every year starting at age two. Age increases our vulnerability to eye disease, so have your eyes examined every year after age 65.

Following is a list of common eye conditions. Click on the link for more information.